A Great Thinker

Every time I read any work by Jane Jacobs I am struck by her ability to describe the systems of our world so clearly.  She has written about architecture, urban theory, sociology, public policy and so much more.  She was an activist in every sense of the word, living her life true to her beliefs and values.  In my mind she was a true yogi.  Jane Jacobs once wrote, “The precept ‘know thyself’ includes knowing the scales with which one weighs actions and attitudes in the great world of work outside oneself.” She asks us to take responsibility for understanding our biases and prejudices and how these influence our actions with the world around us.

The Death and Life of Great American Cities  by Jane Jacobs

The Economy of Cities by Jane Jacobs

Cities and the Wealth of Nations by Jane Jacobs

Dark Age Ahead by Jane Jacobs

The Nature of Economies by Jane Jacobs

Systems of Survival: A Dialogue on the Moral Foundations of Commerce and Politics by Jane Jacobs





Sometimes what is a small gesture of kindness on our part can make a world of difference to someone else.  It is my belief that within the yama of ahimsa (yogic moral guideline of non-violence) one will find compassion, kindness and generosity.  By practicing ahimsa in all it’s many depths and manifestations the world not only becomes a better place but our lives grow fuller and more joyful.

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NAMI Walk brings out hundreds for mental illness awareness

Video & Article Link: <a href=”http://www.ktvb.com/news/local/NAMI-Walk-brings-out-hundreds-for-mental-illness-awareness-130915483.html

Article by Justin Corr can be found on it’s original website at the above link.

Below I have included just a few excerpts from the article.

BOISE — Eight hundred people gathered in downtown Boise Saturday morning to bring more awareness to a problem that affects Idahoans, their families, and their communities. It’s a problem they said is often misunderstood.
Angela Bryson has had her own battles with bipolar disorder, but was helped through by NAMI. “Externally, they might be putting on a good show, but if you’re sensing something is not quite right, and you can be of some help, definitely, stepping forward can change somebody’s life,” Bryson said.
“Whatever someone needs to feel better, that’s what they should do,” says Campbell. “Talk about it, get the help they need, and their recovery is very, very possible and very hopeful.”
As the biggest ever NAMI Walk came to a close, organizers hoped that awareness of mental illness, and the importance of treating it, will only grow.   If you’re looking for more information on NAMI, click here.


Tomorrow morning I will be rising earlier than usual to join others in the NAMI Walk.  Not much will get me out of bed before 10:00am on a Saturday (or any day :)) but joining with others to show solidarity and fight stigma is well worth it.

Photo courtesy of NAMI

I will be walking with the Region IV Stigma Stompers and would love to have you join us.  Even if you can’t join us you may consider making an online donation.  Below you will find all of the information you may need or you can visit the NAMI Walk website directly www.nami.org/walk

NAMI Boise

NAMIWalks, Changing Minds … One Step at a Time, celebrates hope! NAMIWalks’ momentum is unstoppable! NAMIWalks brings together 750 participants walking shoulder to shoulder in support of children and adults living with mental illnesses and their families.

We are pleased to announce that Blue Cross of Idaho will be providing free depression screenings, and the Saint Alphonsus mobile mammography unit and Lion’s Mobile Screening Unit will both be at our walksite offering free screenings beginning at 9:00 a.m. and continuing until 12:00 noon. Please bring your used glasses, glass cases, and hearing aids for donation to the Lion’s Sight & Screening Foundation.

On October 1st, take your first step along with 749 others to raise the public’s awareness of mental illness and break down the stigma surrounding it.

Happenings at Albertsons/SUPERVALU headquarters–With a festival atmosphere, the walk site at 250 East Parkcenter Boulevard will feature Mac Daddy’s Mobile Music and free food and water. Create signs and get your face painted in the kid’s tent. The Speedy Foundation will kick-off the walk!

The proceeds of NAMIWalks will be used to: 1) provide free education classes to families in the Treasure Valley; 2) facilitate support groups for people with mental illness and their families; 3) conduct an anti-stigma campaign; 4) advocate for improved education, employment, housing, and community services; and 5) promote resiliency and recovery for children and adults living with mental illnesses.

Walk with us on October 1, 2011, and Change Minds … One Step at a Time.

Please Mail Matching Gifts and Offline Donations To:NAMI-Boise
4696 W. Overland Rd., Ste. 274
Boise, ID 83705
Location: Start at 250 Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID
Date: October 1, 2011
Distance: 1, 3, 5 K
Check-in: 9:00 am
Start Time: 10:00 am

For more information about this event, please contact:

Carla Young, NAMI-Boise Walk Manager
Phone: (208) 376-4304
FAX: (208) 376-9029

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Angela Davis my Namesake

I just returned home from a visit with my family.   It is heartbreaking to now live so far from them.  When I say ‘far from them’ I am not only referring to geographical distance, but also lifestyle.  It is challenging to connect to those we love when they live so differently from ourselves.  I find it is of utmost importance to celebrate whatever has brought them happiness and joy.

Visiting with my family and spending time in my old hometown also made me think about my roots and beginnings.  Those of you that know me now might be surprised to hear that I was not a very happy child.  My mental health was always a challenge.  Bi-polar made it particularly difficult to ever have a strong sense of identity.

Luckily, with age, experience and proper treatment of my bi-polar I have come to discover my authentic self.  I finally feel able to be a strong woman with the ability to defend what I believe in.  These are the same characteristics I am so proud of in my parents.  Every year I discover more about them that I am not only proud of, but also intrigued by.  I think it says a lot that my mother named me after Angela Davis. “Angela Davis (born January 26, 1944) is an American political activist, scholar, and author.” Many of you probably will recognize her for her amazing hair!  I know I will never have the hair, but I will do my best to have her passion and determination.



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Freedom Cow

According to NPR, “Yvonne, a cow that has lived in the wild since eluding a trip to the slaughterhouse in May, has foiled all attempts to capture her. Now officials say that she’s not to be disturbed.”  Yvonne’s story makes me want to give vegetarianism another try.



Yvonne The Runaway Cow Gains Freedom

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What do your words say?


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Civic Involvement Opportunity

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Leads Town Hall Meeting at Morrison Center on April 4

Admiral Mike Mullen, President Obama’s chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will be on the BSU campus to conduct a town hall-style meeting with the Treasure Valley on Monday, April 4  at 2 pm in the Morrison Center. His visit is part of a nationwide effort to create a dialogue with citizens across the country about national security issues and to create a “Sea of Good Will” on behalf of veterans as they return to their communities. The event is free and open to the public.

The town-hall meeting will feature an open microphone format, with audience members encouraged to ask Mullen questions.

For security reasons, bags and backpacks will be not be allowed in the Morrison Center.


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Peer Support Center for Hope

In response to recent budget cuts to mental health services, a new center has opened. The Peer Support Center for Hope is free and open to anyone with a diagnosed mental illness. There are educational classes, social gatherings and a warm welcoming space to come meet people whenever the center is open. With time we hope to extend the hours. Come stop by and see what it is all about and let us know what you think would make the center even better.

Peer-run programs believe that recovery from mental illness is possible. At peer-run programs, people break out of the roles of being “patients” and into roles as peers, advocates, support people, program organizers, and community leaders.

Many of us have found that joining a peer program was a turning point in our own personal progress of mental health recovery. At a peer program, you will find staff and board who are peers, people who have gone through similar experiences. Programs are held in a safe environment where people can feel accepted and equal, and find opportunities for leadership, empowerment, and self-advocacy.

Peer Run Center for Hope is a social environment that will continually evolve as its consumers develop opportunities to learn from each other and engage in social relationships.

Monday – Wednesday – Thursday

10:00 am – 3:30 pm

7161 Potomac Drive

Boise, ID 83704

Human Supports of Idaho, Inc.

Pamela Rose – (208) 321-0160


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House Bill 221 to Yoga

Tuesday I spent over two hours waiting in line at the Idaho State Capitol. As soon as I got to the front of the line to sign-up to testify against House Bill 221 I had to leave for an appointment with a client. I felt a strange mixture of guilt, anger, disbelief and relief. I was mad at myself for not clearing my whole day free, guilty that I would not be able to help, disbelief that I had waited in line so long and then had to just walk away and relief that I would not be talking about painful memories in front of hundreds of people. This mixture had me feeling miserable as I drove to my client’s house. It was to be our first private yoga session and I wondered if I would be able to be clear headed enough to stay present during the session.

I arrived at her house, the door flew open and I was greeted with the most sincere smile and enthusiasm. We spent the next 90 minutes having a blast practicing yoga. Staying in the moment was not a concern from the time I walked in the door. The experience reminded me of the power yoga has for healing. For those 90 minutes my client and I were the only beings in the world. There was no judgment, no votes to be made, no ideals to live up to, and your best would always be good enough.

I am happy to say many of my fellow concerned citizens were able to testify at the Capitol that day. And they made a difference. Thank you to everyone! We may not have gotten everything we wanted, but some huge changes were made. If you would like to read about those changes to House Bill 221, which effects Medicaid cuts, below are some links to some articles (you will also find some good information about the Luna Bill):





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