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OCD Costumes

The time is upon us. Off Center Dance is performing there next show and Friday is opening night! Above is a preview of the costumes I created for the piece Through the Looking Glass. Hope to see you there.

In Your Face is an evening of provocative modern dance highlighting six local and national choreographers. Held at the Boise Contemporary Theater:

March 8 at 8pm
March 9 at 2pm
March 9 at 8pm

In Your Face promises to bring you athletic movement, quirky choreography, humor and contemplation.

Buy tickets now at:

Choreographers include:
Katie Ponozzo
Julie Petry
Stephanie Hope
Savannah Michelle
Lydia Sakolsky-Basquill
Artistic Director: Kelli Brown

Guest Artist and Costume Designer: Angela Rockefeller Bryson

Dancers: Annalise Bowman, Heidi France, Melynda Fischer, April HIll, Sarah Hackwith, Cheyanne Howell, Rachel Lyons, Sarah, Uehling, Jem Wierenga, Lisa Whitwell, Teresa Vaughan

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Working and Living


A little over three months ago I was on the verge of burn out. I love my work and had used that as an excuse to overwork myself. Afterall, if you love what you do how can you really complain about doing it a lot? Well, of course the lesson of moderation struck me again. November rolled around and I was seeing a whole month go by without a full day off. Not only had I become less tolerant and cranky, but my physical health began to suffer. Most of us realize at some point that if we don’t consciously make the decisions to care for ourselves than our bodies will make it so we don’t have a choice.

Luckily, working for myself, I have a fair amount of control over my schedule. Once I recognized what was happening I immediately cut my schedule back. I had to make some extremely difficult decisions to let go of some teaching positions that meant a lot to me. I discontinued the NAMI Yoga program, quit teaching for the Shanti Yoga School, gave up my class at Health & Welfare and cut my Ophidia studio classes by more than half. I cut my work schedule by a third and it was the best decision I have made in years!

I was afraid of the financial challenge of working less, but more frightening was the change in my sense of self-identity. Through the first month after cutting back I felt a bit lost and admit to turning to food and television for comfort. The comfort was short-lived and I soon began to embrace my new schedule. All of a sudden I had time to slow down and pay attention to the details of life again. I slowly began to let go of that constant sense of urgency and to breathe a bit more deeply. Sleep became more restful, food tasted better and my creativity began to flow.

Three months later and I am feeling alive and strong. I have almost completed a huge collaborative artistic undertaking and feel my sense of self firmly intact. Just like our rituals of spring cleaning and seasonal yard clean-up, so too our professional lives need the cobwebs blown out from time to time. Hopefully it does not always have to mean drastic changes. A light ‘tidy-up’ can sometimes be all that is needed to make a huge impact. I have never failed to gain benefit from revisiting my priorities and making subtle changes to my daily habits. It is the small habits we engage in everyday that end up defining the bigger picture of our lives.

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Everyday Beauty Everyday

Bill Cunningham

“Those who look for beauty will find it.”

~Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham is a street fashion photographer for the New York Times. He has such a passion for his work that he is still doing it at age 83. Even if fashion has never interested you, Bill Cunningham will interest you. He is a man who followed his heart (even when people balked him) and lived his passion. I tell you about Bill because I believe he is a shining example of the truest form of yogi, one who lets his spirit and conscience guide his life every minute of every day.

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Missing in Action

I really have not abandoned my blog. It has been over a month since my last post and several months since a big post. I am happy to say I have been busy teaching yoga and performing aerial arts in multiple shows. I love to share via my blog, but have to say momentum really died after 300 posts.
Hopefully my existing posts and pages will continue to be read, since my ‘summer break’ has been extended into the cool weather holidays 😉

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Perfectly Imperfect

Seek always to progress rather than to perfect.

~ Taro Gold

This is the very perfection of a man, to find out his own imperfection.

~ Saint Augustine

Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.

~ Leonard Cohen

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Yoga and Pole Dancing?


Simply put anything that makes me feel whole is yoga to me. When I engage in an activity that brings me into the experience of the present and feels true to my heart I am practicing yoga. Like many people who have tried pole dancing, in the beginning, I worried what people would think. Would they get the wrong idea about me or judge me? It wasn’t long before I was ready to face whatever people thought. There was no way I was not going to keep spinning, dancing, climbing and yes writhing around that pole. Just like the first time I felt the world simultaneously disappear and come more clearly into focus while on the yoga mat I was physically and emotionally elevated on the pole. Yes the pole is phallic and makes it easier to dance in platform high heels, but it is an activity that makes me feel more alive and empowered than any other activity except maybe aerial silks! Yoga is as important to me as eating and breathing, but it is aerial dance whether on a pole or suspended that gives my life soul! Close your eyes and move in whatever way feels right. Don’t think just be.

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It is all about the perspective.


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Cultural Interpretations

Collectivist: “The nail that sticks up gets pounded down.”

Individualist: “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

One picture can look very different depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

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A Great Thinker

Every time I read any work by Jane Jacobs I am struck by her ability to describe the systems of our world so clearly.  She has written about architecture, urban theory, sociology, public policy and so much more.  She was an activist in every sense of the word, living her life true to her beliefs and values.  In my mind she was a true yogi.  Jane Jacobs once wrote, “The precept ‘know thyself’ includes knowing the scales with which one weighs actions and attitudes in the great world of work outside oneself.” She asks us to take responsibility for understanding our biases and prejudices and how these influence our actions with the world around us.

The Death and Life of Great American Cities  by Jane Jacobs

The Economy of Cities by Jane Jacobs

Cities and the Wealth of Nations by Jane Jacobs

Dark Age Ahead by Jane Jacobs

The Nature of Economies by Jane Jacobs

Systems of Survival: A Dialogue on the Moral Foundations of Commerce and Politics by Jane Jacobs



Happy Halloween

Artist Kate Lindsay Naranjo

I am so proud of my cousin Kate. It is hard for me to remember that she is not still 8 years old and running wildly through the forest by my side. She is now a full-blown adult with three beautiful children of her own! One thing hasn’t change, though, and that is Kate’s artistic expression. She has quietly worked hard over the years to hone her skills. Every time I see a new creation by Kate my heart swells with pride and I am reminded of that passion that has always  lit her from within.

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