Yoga and Pole Dancing?


Simply put anything that makes me feel whole is yoga to me. When I engage in an activity that brings me into the experience of the present and feels true to my heart I am practicing yoga. Like many people who have tried pole dancing, in the beginning, I worried what people would think. Would they get the wrong idea about me or judge me? It wasn’t long before I was ready to face whatever people thought. There was no way I was not going to keep spinning, dancing, climbing and yes writhing around that pole. Just like the first time I felt the world simultaneously disappear and come more clearly into focus while on the yoga mat I was physically and emotionally elevated on the pole. Yes the pole is phallic and makes it easier to dance in platform high heels, but it is an activity that makes me feel more alive and empowered than any other activity except maybe aerial silks! Yoga is as important to me as eating and breathing, but it is aerial dance whether on a pole or suspended that gives my life soul! Close your eyes and move in whatever way feels right. Don’t think just be.

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It is all about the perspective.


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