The Long Haul to Discover Success

As many of my students are expressing concerns about not sticking to their New Year’s resolutions, I thought it might be the perfect time to discuss long-term goals.  What motivates us to stick to long-term goals?  What barriers get in the way of realizing our dreams?  Why do we often lose our sense of engagement with our commitments?  These are all questions I am sure we have all asked ourselves at some point.  The answers will not only be individualized to each person, but also unique to each particular endeavor. Let us explore some of the most common challenges to long-term goals.

  • the goal that we have set is unrealistic or unsustainable
  • we disregard the natural ebb & flow of other life challenges/stresses
  • failure to incorporate self-compassion into our plan
  • rigidity, all-or-nothing thinking
  • going it alone, unwilling to engage the help of others

So what are some ways to be more successful in realizing our dreams?

  • have a flexible view about what success looks like
  • monitor and adjust your plans according to changes in your life circumstances
  • treat yourself with kindness and compassion
  • positive thinking and visualization, imagine yourself succeeding
  • celebrate achievements along the path
  • include others in your plans and celebrations
  • make sustainable lifestyle changes and not just time-lined end goals

This obviously is not an exhaustive writing on success, but instead is meant as a jumping off point or overview.  It is my wish that everyone feel empowered to strive and push their boundaries, but in a way that cultivates self-compassion.  I believe without challenging ourselves we loss passion and a sense of truly being alive.  Along with energetic passion there comes the need to find balance through rejuvenating thoughts and actions.  Finding that balance is an ever evolving challenge that keeps us on our toes and keeps life interesting.



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