Digital Detox

My last post was over a week ago, which those of you who follow my blog know is a long time.  I so enjoy researching and gathering information to share on my blog.  There have been times blogging, for me, has bordered on an obsession.  I believe this is the case for many who have a blog and therefore I try to be compassionate with myself and recognize that my involvement with the blogging process will ebb and flow.

I recently decided to take a week to digitally detox.  I still emailed daily since my work requires it, but I tried to keep my computer time at a minimum.  Well, I can say from experience that cold turkey sometimes works like yo-yo dieting.  Three days ago I cracked when I discovered Pinterest!  If you don’t know what it is I am not sure I should tell you.  Short story is that it is kind of like digital scrapbooking……..and just as addictive.  So as always, I have discovered that the middle path is the healthiest.  I will be returning to my blogging and giving myself permission to follow my inspiration….of course with mindfulness….to lead me to how often I post.  I have found that thinking about the little choices I make everyday makes the largest impact to my quality of life.

Want to know more about digital detoxing, here are some links.  No need to read any or all….your time is valuable 🙂

  1. First Steps to Digital Detoxing
  2. Digital Detox: Take Over Your Headspace
  3. Does Your Relationship Need a Digital Detox?

Final Note: I find it very interesting that Wikipedia does not have a page for digital detoxing 🙂

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