Within this restless, hurried, modern world…

Gustav Klimt

This was the first line of an Oscar Wilde poem from the 1800’s. It seems some problems are less about our time and more about being human. This gives me solace as I look back over 2011. I consumed the days of the year as if I was starving for tomorrow. I often caught myself thinking and planning for the next day while barely living the present moment. This is not the natural rhythm by which I thrive and I believe this to be true for most people. It is more nourishing and sustainable when we are able to live solidly connected to the present moment. It feeds our souls to have the time to notice the details within the everyday; to drink tea without checking our email or to watch the shadows change shape upon the foothills.

With this knowledge I have attempted to slow down, but have found it to be a challenge that continuously resurfaces. I have decided to face this challenge head on. I have made some deep cuts in my schedule. Each cut hurts like a physical laceration, but the calm that is already edging into my life is quickly healing the wounds. Many emotions have surfaced during this transition; fear, guilt, shame. Questions arise such as, am I letting people down and am I enough? With each emotion and question that arises I am given an opportunity to learn and grow. All provide lessons I have been avoiding.

As a yoga teacher I regularly ask students to witness whatever arises during the moments of silence. I have become rusty at practicing this myself. As I step back into the practice I immediately feel like I am being enveloped by a familiar old worn quilt. A sense of calm and clarity begins to creep back into my everyday.

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  1. I am so glad to that you are cutting back.. Love you, Mom

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