One tiny detail…

Stu and I prepared to leave this morning on our grand trip to the mountains of Panama.  We worked into the ween hours of the morning.  We packed, checked the list and repacked.  Everything was in order as we hoped out of the car at the Boise airport adorned with backpacks and smiles.  Minutes later our faces melted with the news that our flight left at 6:30 am and we had missed it by several hours.

Luckily we were able to reschedule to leave later tonight. Only one flight per day flies from the US into Panama, so unfortunately we are losing 24 hours from our itinerary.  Best part we came home and I slept 5 hours.  I now feel like a new person.  I guess the universe knew what we needed or we are both overly busy space cadets. Either way Panama here we come!

OK, one other small detail…after the third time Stu ran into the house to get something he had forgotten, while I waited in the freezing car, I said, “If we miss our flight I am never flying internationally with you again.”  I know this wasn’t very nice and I obviously had to eat my words, but this is not the whole story.  On another trip (our honeymoon) we flew out of Spokane.  I feel asleep in the car.  Stu preceded to get lost and slide the vehicle off the icy road not once but twice.  Long story short…we safely made it to Spokane, but missed our flight.  Our 24 hour venture to Barcelona took several days that included being stranded overnight in Atlanta.  Luckily the hotel had really yummy waffles with the continental breakfast.  I sometimes wonder is the world making fun of my over preparedness.  Telling me, “You know that feeling of control you have right now?  Don’t ever forget it is an illusion!”

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