“Don’t stop at the tears, go through to the truth.”

Natalie Goldberg published Writing Down the Bones in 1986.  I just happened to pick it off the library shelf.  I am unsure what even brought me to that section of the library, other than I needed to pass it to get to the restroom.  Then what made me walk over and pick it off the shelf?  I have no idea of the answer, but I am so glad I did. The book is about “freeing the writer within”, but as I read it I can’t help relating the messages to yoga.  I would recommend the book if you have ever had the inkling to write anything at all.  I have written pages over the last couple of days, and although not all of it is filled with gems of wisdom, I feel nurtured by the act of expression.

I want to share a short excerpt from chapter 2 that particularly touched me.  I have experienced and seen the same thing happen with yoga.  Natalie Goldberg writes, “…You must be a great warrior when you contact first thoughts and write from them [might also be thought of like our authentic voice].  Especially at the beginning you may feel great emotions and energy that will sweep you away, but you don’t stop writing. You penetrate into the heart of them.  Often in a beginning class students break down crying when they read pieces they have written.  That is okay. Often as they write they cry, too. However, I encourage them to continue reading or writing right through the tears so they may come out the other side and not be thrown off by the emotion.  Don’t stop at the tears, go through to the truth.”


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