What is bigger the foot or the dog?  It might seem silly to ask, but sometimes the answer is not always so obvious.  Just as the mirror says “objects my be closer than they appear”, there are a lot of illusions in life.  While practicing yoga we take the time to observe the details that we may otherwise block out. In deepening our awareness we can dispel personal illusions and gain a clearer image of our authentic self.  Some may say this is a narcissistic practice and ask how getting to know yourself better can help anyone, but yourself.  I would ask them to notice what the largest factors are that effect how they interact with the world?

When an individual feels sick they are less likely to be patient and tolerant.  If an individual does not understand their own needs how will they understand the needs of others?  The list could go on and on, my point being that your personal experience in the present moment has the greatest effect on how you interact with the world around you.  If you can increase the quality of your experience you are also more likely to influence those around you in a positive way.

So, with that said, do what you can to understand yourself and drop the illusions that wall you in.  The view will clear and you will find yourself doing good even without trying….now that is grand!


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