Dollar Theatre

Tonight I enjoyed a tasty dinner at the never disappointing Indian restaurant, Madubahn. It is a must eat location in Boise.
And to make the stop even more satisfying the Northgate Reel $1 movie theatre is just around the corner.


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Yogi Tunes

Where did you get your music?  This is a question that, as a yoga teacher, I often hear.  Some yogis prefer to practice in silence, but many find that soulful music helps them access layers within their practice more easily.  Well, I was so excited to recently discover a website dedicated entirely to music for yoga practice.  Not only do they offer all kinds of inspirational music, but you can purchase playlists put together by some of my favorite teachers such as Hala Khouri, Suzanne Sterling, Micheline Berry and Jo Tastula!  This is a great resource for both teachers and students. Enjoy.


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Bookworm Yogini

I have recently made some updates to my recommended reading list.  Below you will find the most current version.  Remember you can always access this interactive book list from the tab labeled Bookworm Yogini (which is on the right hand side of this blog). Happy reading and don’t forget to use and support your local library.


Yoga and the Science of Living:

  1. The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles by Bruce H. Lipton
  2. The Mind and the Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force by Jeffrey Schwartz, Sharon Begley
  3. Body, Breath, and Consciousness: A Somatics Anthology by Ian Macnaughton and Peter Levine
  4. The Yoga of Breath: A Step-by-Step Guide to Pranayama by Richard Rosen
  5. Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing by Yoga Journal and Timothy McCall
  6. Yoga for Anxiety: Meditations and Practices for Calming the Body and Mind by Mary and Rick Nurriestearns
  7. Yoga for Emotional Balance: Simple Practices to Help Relieve Anxiety and Depression by Bo Forbes
  8. Emotional Yoga: How the Body Can Heal the Mind by Bija Bennett
  9. The Art of Happiness (a Handbook for Living) by Dalai Lama

Fuel for the Body:

  1. Esalen Cookbook – by Charlie Cascio
  2. What to Eat When You Can’t Eat Anything: The Complete Allergy Cookbook – by Chupi and Luke Sweetman
  3. The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan
  4. The Forager’s Harvest: A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Edible Wild Plants

The ‘Way We Were’ and ‘Things to Come’:

  1. A People’s History of the United States: 1492 to Present by Howard Zinn
  2. The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs
  3. Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream by Andres Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, and Jeff Speck

The Home as Sanctuary:

  1. The Wabi-Sabi House: The Japanese Art of Imperfect Beauty by Robyn Griggs Lawrence and Joe Coca
  2. Rescue from Domestic Perfection: The Not-So Secrets of Balancing Life and Style by Dan Ho
  3. The Tightwad gazette: Promoting thrift as a viable alternative lifestyle by Amy Dacyczyn

Covering and Decorating our Bodies:

  1. The Cheap Date Guide to Style by Kira Jolliffe and Bay Garnett
  2. Subversive Seamster: Transform Thrift Store Threads Into Street Couture
  3. Steampunk Style Jewelry: Victorian, Fantasy, and Mechanical Necklaces, Bracelets, and Earrings
  4. The Tattoo History Source Book by Steve Gilbert
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The FDA is in the process of revising food labels….

Any of us who have tried to eat healthfully know that just getting information about our food can be a challenge.  Reading labels can sometimes feel like trying to read a foreign language.  Today I ran across an interesting article about just this dilemma. Check out the link below to read the article and see some ideas for better food labeling.  What kind of labeling would make it easier for you to find healthy foods?



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Auntie Mame

“Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death. Live! Live! Live!”

~ Auntie Mame, via author Patrick Dennis

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What’s a sharrow?

“The hollow arrow surrounding the bicyclist was intended to reinforce the correct direction of travel for bicyclists (who were frequently observed riding the wrong-way, against traffic, in Denver).”


My husband Stu is a committed cyclist and has worked hard to educate me in the safest riding habits.  One general rule that has been very important to learn is to make myself be seen by drivers by taking my fair share of the road.  I was always trying to squeeze over against parked cars.  I was worried about upsetting drivers, but by doing this I was endangering myself.  Drivers wouldn’t slow down when passing me and they would have a tendency to crowd me even more.  All this crowding would shrink my buffer zones not only from drivers, but also from the parked cars. Doors were opening in my path and drivers were pulling out without seeing me.  I had to shift my thinking from that of one similar to a pedestrian and more like that of a driver.  If you have ever ridden a motorcycle the concepts are similar. Recently the main dangerous activity that we have witnessed is cyclists riding against the traffic (on State Street of all places). Below you will find 10 reasons not to ride against traffic.  I retrieved this list from a biking forum.

10 Reasons not to ride against traffic:

1. It’s against the law

2. Riding against traffic reduces the reaction time of cyclist & driver since you’re approaching each other instead of going in the same direction.

3. Potential impact is greater: Bike going 20 mph and car going 40 mph
collision riding with traffic = 20 mph impact
collision riding against traffic = 60 mph impact

4. Coming over the crest of a hill, if riding against traffic you’ll come head on to an oncoming car, whereas when riding with traffic, the upcoming car on your path of direction will see you going up the hill.

5. Drivers making RIGHT turns will only look to their LEFT. Since they have to merge with that traffic and are not expecting vehicles to be coming head on from their right side

6. Drivers pulling out and making left turns will only look to their left, thus pulling out in front of you.

7. Riding on the right, a car can slow behind you and wait until it’s safe to pass. Riding on the left, you’re coming right at the cars, leaving them the choice of a head-on with oncoming traffic or a head-on with you.

8. Primary tenets of safe riding are to be visible and predictable. Riding on the left puts you where drivers aren’t looking for you, and you’re demonstrating a complete ignorance of traffic laws; so you get a FAIL on both counts.

9. It’s probably much more likely you’ll get doored driving against traffic as well. Most people are looking in their sideview mirror or behind them for a passing car before opening the door, since they aren’t expecting anything coming from the front.

10. The reason you ride with traffic is because when on a bicycle, you ARE traffic. you are subject to most all of the other laws that govern vehicles, so you must be in proper position to obey the laws AND be protected by them. Riding on the left, all traffic signs and lights for your direction are on the OTHER side of the road.



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Weekend of Recovery

Earlier this year I had the privilege to take a weekend yoga workshop with Jo Tastula. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was excited to attend another workshop with Jo this weekend. The time came to pack and leave for McCall, but I had no “juice”. No matter what, I could not seem to switch my power button to on. I agonized over the fact that I had made plans with people, that I really wanted to learn more from this teacher and I had already paid for the workshop. All these things had me trying to ignore what I really needed, which was rest.

I can’t tell you how many times this struggle has arisen in my life. There are so many things to do and so little time. A sense of urgency becomes a way of life. This is the power of yoga. It asks us to become aware, slow down and breath. Through this process we regain our ability to self regulate and listen to the wisdom of our bodies. When we do this depth and meaning returns to our everyday and joy can re-enter our lives.

Did this happen for me? Yes! My breath feels deeper and my mind sharper. I may have spent the weekend sleeping, reading and watching movies, but I didn’t waste a moment.

Inspiring movie lines from my weekend of recovery:

“It’s not what you do on a good day that matters most, it is what you do on a bad day.” ~ The Matador’s Mistress

“Anyone can see the ugliness in the world, true skill is in seeing the beautiful.” ~Local Color

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Yoga for Wellness has a new home….

Today I had the joy of teaching restorative yoga in a beautiful new studio.  Some of you are already familiar with Jeanne Dillion and her studio, Yoga for Wellness.  Formerly located downtown, Yoga for Wellness has relocated to1175 Park Center Boulevard.  The new location on the corner of Southshore and Park Center has plenty of free parking.  The serene interior has a convenient entry hall, changing room, massage room and a spacious yoga studio.

Come join me every Friday for restorative yoga.  Let go of tension and move calmly into your weekend.  This restorative yoga class will include supported postures, breath awareness exercises and guided meditation.  The sequencing, pace and tone of the class is specifically designed to help students reduce stress and find a deeper sense of calm.


Every Friday, Noon-1:15 pm


Yoga for Wellness

1175 Park Center Boulevard, Suite 102

Boise, Idaho

Angela R. Bryson, BGS, RYT 500, Registered Yoga Therapist
phone: (208) 473-1249

For more studio information visit

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San Diego

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I was unsure what to write about my trip to San Diego, since I am still recovering from so much travel in July.  So I will let the pictures do most of the speaking.  The weather was great, family happy and food delicious.  Only thing missing was more time for yoga or less time spent in the car, but of course it was Southern California.

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