Ebb and Flow….Just the Begining

The ebb and flow of life is intrinsic in nature.  Somehow, though, the strength and turbulence of this flow always takes me by surprise.  Logically I know that no where within this flow can time stand still and therefore the only real constant is change.  But there are times when this impermanence is less than comforting, even when the present moment is distressful.

What I am trying to elude to is the internal experience of fear and anxiety.  Most, if not all, of us have experienced fear and anxiety at some point in our life.  I am particularly referring to that state of being where our current circumstances have us feeling distressed, but the fear of the unknown has us attached to the past.  This attachment ruts it’s way into our habitual cognitive patterns and can grow in strength.  At this point are our own thoughts in our best interest?  If not what can we do about it and how can we safe gaurd ourselves against negative cognitive patterns?

Share your ideas, thoughts or experiences.  In future posts I plan to discuss how yoga philosophy can help us avoid negative cognitive patterns and help us break them once we have already fallen into their trap.

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