Somehow it became the middle of summer without me even noticing.  Since graduating from BSU and Shanti Yoga School in May, life hasn’t slowed down much, but has changed drastically.  I had been spending many hours and days in my head.  I loved the intellectual stimulation and all the writing, but my body was feeling neglected.  Therefore, I have been spending the last two months reconnecting with my soma.  Teaching, taking yoga classes, riding my bike, working in the yard and playing on aerial silks have all helped me draw the balance back into my life.

It can be easy to let either our bodies or our minds begin to take too much of our energies.  Becoming fully absorbed by any one pursuit is thrilling and sometimes necessary, but when this happens to me I know my spirit begins to suffer.  Feeding all the entities that make me a dynamic whole is what will lead me to experience life to the fullest.

What makes you feel whole and balanced?

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  1. Surfing, I think that it is the combination of physical exertion, mental challenge, and having to sync with nature in a beautiful and dynamic environment that I find renewing and refreshing.

    I also know that without it I am rather crabby and not as excited about life.

    • Thank you for sharing, Matt. Your ability to stay connected to the present moment is part of what makes you such a great dad. Never lose that excitement for life!

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