Visions of apps are swimming in my head!

I am a self professed technophobe, but I have to confess that I am quickly recovering.  When faced with learning how to use a new computer, program or phone I have been know to get hives.  About five years ago I realized that no matter how hard I tried technology was going to be all around me.  I decided to begin to ‘make nice’ and figure out ways that technology could serve me rather than unnerve me.

I didn’t own a computer, but decided might be fun. Well, long story short…I met my husband, Stu, after only two months.  We just celebrated our third year wedding anniversary and I think he is the most amazing person I have ever met.  Stu works remotely from home so of course he didn’t understand how I survived without a personal computer. It didn’t take long before my lap was getting cooked by the tiniest laptop Dell makes.

This is where the snowball really started growing…I started a Facebook page, built my website, began my blog, discovered Twitter…oh my, I figured I was cured.  Somehow, though, smartphones and Kindles still weird-ed me out. Four days ago I took a step into another realm and bought an iPhone 4G!  It is the coolest gadget ever.  It can do almost anything and I was still able to figure out how to use everything my old phone did in less than an hour.

Now the real point of telling all of you about my experience is that I have discovered some amazing apps that can really help a person gain deeper awareness.  Seems counter-intuitive that a micro machine could connect us better with our inner environment, but I believe it might.  Below you will find a list of the kinds of apps I am talking about.  I have also included some links for you Android lovers.

  1. Mood charting apps that allow you to quickly record mood-triggers and self-care.  In seconds you can record your current emotions, stress level, hours sleep, naps, exercise, medications and so much more.  Then you can hit one button to look at a simple line graph of all your information.  It even allows you to send this information to your doctor via email.  Examples can be found at:
  2. Meditation timers galore to choose from. Examples can be found at:
  3. A mantra app that allows you to pick from about a hundred mantras or chants and listen to recordings.  Examples can be found at:
  4. A pranayama (breathing exercise) app that is really quite amazing.  It is particularly helpful for equal-ratio breathing or facilitating a deeper, slower breath.  Somehow while watching the little ‘pie-chart’ image move about & direct when to inhale and exhale it seems almost impossible to not have your breath sync up with it.  It works the same way that watching the waves crash in at the beach or the swinging pendulum of a grandfather clock influences our heart rate and breath. Examples can be found at:
  5. Yoga apps that will help you build sequences or recommend postures for specific needs.  Examples can be found at:
  6. Nutrition apps…

I could list even more, but I just wanted to encourage you to take a look at ways to make your technology work for you and not the other way around.  Happy hunting and I hope to see you out in the real world.


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