If You Love Someone with Mental Illness

I have found one thing more challenging than having a mental illness….knowing how to help those I love who have a mental illness.  I know what has helped me and know what my studies have taught me, but the true test comes in implementation.  It has taken my lifetime to find just the right formula of self-care, medications and help from others that allows me to live nearly free from symptoms.  I have felt so empowered by this experience that I want to help everyone find freedom from their pain.  Unfortunately, it is not an easy task.  Every person with mental illness experiences their diagnosis differently and each individual will have to find their own path to wellness.  There are powerful tools, skills, techniques, medications, and therapies (the list goes on) that can all give a person some relief.  Most likely, though, it will be a combination of many things that will provide long-term quality of life.  This means a lot of trial and error and a lot of faith that someday the right combination will be found.

Needless to say this process asks a lot from a person who is already suffering, not to mention the toll on family and friends.  But to get to my point, if you love someone with mental illness please be loving and gentle.  They are already hurting.  Their internal world is at war with itself and they can not escape it.  They are not trying to get attention other than to ask for help in the only way they know possible.  The reality they are struggling with is very real to them whether or not you understand it.  Above all have patience, give them respect and be compassionate.

For more tips on how to be the best support possible check out the link below:


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