Leggo My Ego?

Ego is greatly misunderstood and defined in many ways. Is ego the picture we present to the world, the whole of what we think of ourselves, self esteem or something entirely different? I believe that ego is the identity or core of an individual as that person sees themselves. This view of oneself is influenced by our public identity, experiences, self esteem and so much more.  The ego is often conceptualized by a some of parts that distinguish us from others. In a collectivist culture an individual is likely to also define their ego as including the characteristics of the self that make them like their group. What does ego mean to you?

Ultimately, the only definition of ego that I believe is universal is that ego is only a word we use to pin down the idea of what makes us who we are, both privately and publicly. I believe it is important for us to understand ourselves and what motivates us in life. Once this sense of identity is clear enough, we can then move through life in a more authentic way…making our actions sync with our authentic selves. How do we move from ego, to identity to our authentic self?

It is my belief that we truly shine when we release our attachment to our self-presentation and connect to our self-concept….letting our actions speak the volumes that our heart sings!

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