Such a perfect word. Through becoming familiar with and appreciating the idea of wabi-sabi I believe we could all gain more ‘quality of life points’ out of our everyday experience. What does wabi-sabi mean? One could spend a life-time studying the meaning, but a simple understanding can be powerful.

According to Robyn G. Lawrence (The Wabi-Sabi House), “…wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature, of accepting the natural cycle of growth, decay and death….it reveres authenticity above all.”

Richard R. Powell (Wabi Sabi Simple) says, “[Wabi-sabi] nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.”

So how can this help us enjoy life more? By appreciating wabi-sabi we can begin to release the possibility of perfect, detach from the desire for completion and maybe luxuriate in the flow.

Wabi-Sabi: for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers by Leonard Koren

The Wabi-Sabi House: The Japanese Art of Imperfect Beauty by Robyn Griggs Lawrence

Wabi Sabi Simple: Create beauty. Value imperfection. Live deeply. by Richard R. Powell

Beauty of Life

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