This time of year always hits us with lots of illness. Whether it is yourself, your family, friends or co-workers, it seems unavoidable. So what are some simple things we can do to either keep from getting sick or to heal ourselves if we do get ‘under the weather’? Remember that just because I said ‘simple’ does not imply easy. Staying or getting well is hard work.

Prevention Basics:

  1. sleeping, clean eating and exercise (all done with regularity)
  2. plenty of fresh water and air (be aware of possible pollutants)
  3. REST TIME EVERYDAY! (probably the most difficult and important one of all)


  1. Increase your sleep time by 1.5 hours for several nights.
  2. Cook your food thoroughly allowing for easier digestion and more energy for the healing process.
  3. Avoid raw foods and foods that are difficult to digest till you are well. (Some foods that may give your tummy extra work  include: peanuts, oats, citrus, dairy, wheat, raw veggies, high sugar/high saturated fat foods.)
  4. Hot soups and sprouted grains are great.
  5. Hot ginger or peppermint teas are soothing for sore throats, help clear sinuses and aide in digestion.
  7. Maintain a minimum of activity, such as: restorative yoga or neighborhood walks. (don’t over do it, be kind to yourself)
  8. Eliminate any optional commitments from your schedule for one whole week. (People will understand that you are human and appreciate that you are not exposing them to whatever illness you have.)

If I have left out any key ideas or you have specific things that work wonders for you please share.

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