Budget Cuts

The following was sent to me by NAMI~Boise and I believe it is of utmost importance.

Due to recent budget cuts:

450 people lost their regional mental health services as they no longer meet the criteria for the new limited priorities.

300 children and 300 adults were forced to choose between receiving either mental health services or developmental services as they were eligible for both.

Now, the Legislators are contemplating the elimination of all Psycho Social Rehabilitation (PSR) services and make other reductions in service to help balance the Medicaid budget.

The members of the Health and Welfare committee and the Joint Finance and Appropriations (JFAC) committee and your local representatives need to hear your story about how further decline in Medicaid funding would impact you and your loved ones.

On Friday, January 28 from 8:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m.  JFAC will hear from citizens who are willing to talk about Health & Welfare funding.  These hearings will take place in the Capitol Auditorium on the Garden Level.  Testimony will be limited to 3 minutes per person on a first come first served basis. Please arrive early as the opportunity to testify will be given on a first come, first serve basis – with the co-chairs using their discretion to allow for geographic diversity. Legislative staff will begin taking sign-ups at 7 a.m.

Also, due to the limited time, all who come may not get a chance to testify before the committee. We still need your presence.  Six hundred people interested in Idaho’s education system showed up at the State House to testify and show their support for education.  Will we have 600 people show up in support of mental health and substance abuse treatment?

Please note that all written testimony will be taken, added to the public record and distributed to all committee members. You are encouraged to bring your testimony in writing as well, for that purpose.

Those unable to attend the public hearing are strongly encouraged to send their thoughts to JFACtestimony@lso.idaho.gov. Any comments sent to this email will also be added to the public record and distributed to the members of the committee.

The following link will help you find the contact information for committees and your local representatives. (http://legislature.idaho.gov/howtocontactlegislators.htm)

For tips on what to say or write please email Anne Shoup at namiboise@earthlink.net.

If not now, when? Please come. And please contact your legislators, they represent you!!! YOUR VOICE NEEDS TO BE HEARD–IT COULD BE THE VOICE THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE!

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