Winter Blues

Many of us experience low moods, irritability or even depression during the dreary days of winter. It is important to be kind to yourself and recognize that being effected by the seasons is natural. The farther our society has moved away from living in sync with the seasons, the less excepting we have become of our body’s need to slow down in the winter. When we feel sluggish, less energetic or less social we often beat up on ourselves….asking “what is wrong with me”….. well nothing…..just some winter blues. There are a number of things that might help you weather the winter with a little more ease.

  1. Go outdoors everyday. Even if it is just for a quick walk around the block.
  2. Get some sun exposure or exposure to a full spectrum light.
  3. Read a good book.
  4. Drink hot herbal tea throughout the day.
  5. Dress in your favorite most comfortable cloths.
  6. Eat satisfying, tasteful and clean foods.
  7. Add an extra hour to your nightly sleep.
  8. Take some things off your to-do list. (the world won’t end if you wait till the sun comes back to mop the floor or clean out the garage)
  9. Get 30 minutes of exercise everyday (doesn’t matter what kind)
  10. Be kind to yourself, make yourself comfortable, do the bare essentials and then let yourself be. This is temporary the sun will come out soon.

Quick self-care resources:


Neti Pot –

Breathing Exercises & Tools –

Reading List –

Library –

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