Incrementation seems like a logical and self-explanatory word to me, but I can’t seem to find its existence anywhere. So I will provide my definition….

Incrementation = the process by which a large undertaking is broken down into smaller steps to lessen the anxiety related to the overwhelming nature of the overall task.

What has me thinking about milestones and incrementation? My father retired today from his work and I started the first day of my last semester at BSU. I starting teaching a weekly group yoga class again and so much more. It seems to be a time of transitions.

Transitions can be stressful, but they can also be exciting. Enjoying the process and staying in the present moment are key to maintaining happiness. This brings us to the nature of happiness.

I deeply believe that being happy is something we actively do and not something just happens to us. Yes external circumstances play a huge role in our happiness, but even if the whole world is on our side and we are not actively being happy we will not be happy. The most unhappy person I have ever known lived in beautiful sunny California, was educated at the best schools and had more money than any one person should have. He was absolutely miserable. In contrast the happiest person I know has just enough to be healthy and sheltered.

My point is not that we should live an ascetic lifestyle to be happy, but that happiness is influenced by many factors besides our external world. For me the most important external factors are; clean food, plenty of sleep, friends and yoga. But what about internal forces? Some of the most obvious are:

  • recognition and acceptance that everything is temporary
  • detachment from outcomes of our actions
  • passion for our work
  • belief in self-worth

There are many, many more. I would like to compile an extensive list of internal factors that encourage happiness. Please help me with this task. What ideas do you have regarding the action of being happy? Once we have an extensive list we can then break it down into categories and begin to look at direct action to improve the growth of these internal factors. Once we engage in that action we will be working directly on BEING HAPPY! Now that is incrementation of a big task 😉


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  1. Geez I love how you think!

    • I am sending you a huge helping of thanks.

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