Trip and Trade

Many of you know about my dream to travel the country teaching free yoga classes to people who would not normally get exposed to yoga. Well my friend, Lori Dicaire, told me about this gal who is doing her own ‘yoga road trip’. She is blogging along the way and I thought some of you would find it fun to follow her adventures.

About the ‘Trip and the Trade’

“This is a journey about connections, friendship, new experience, community service, and yoga. This idea quite appropriately came about during a yoga class. While I was supposed to be watching my thoughts pass like clouds through the sky of my mind, I was instead thinking hard…thinking about the road trip I was planning. I intended to drive through multiple cities visiting friends and family along the way. As I thought about this trip an idea began surfacing in stages. It went something like this: Oh no! How am I going to practice yoga while I’m gone??… Hmmm, I bet there are studios in most of these places …oooh, that’d be fun! Trying out new studios! … and then I began to wonder about how I could integrate my yoga with community involvement. I love connecting with people and places. I kept thinking and by the end of the class decided that I would attempt to forge relationships with at least one studio in each location where I stayed, a relationship based on passion for yoga and interest in their community. That’s it! I would ask them if they would be willing to trade me one yoga class in exchange for a couple hours of my time giving back to their community, and THAT is exactly what I’m doing.” (excerpt from T&T blog)

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