Beautiful Temporary

Water Balloons Without The Balloons

Check out the full article, stunning imagery and all comments by clicking on the heading above.   “Edward Horsford‘s high-speed photography freezes the spherical innards of water balloons — just as the balloon skins break open, and just before they splash to the floor. He works at night in his garden in London, using flashes to light the action. Amazingly, he works alone. So how does he do it? And doesn’t he get soaked?” by Mito Habe-Evans

Water Balloon Without the Balloon

In response to the images a reader responded with a moving poem that I believe will touch many of you.

Brim Stone said:

And so faster than we can see
faster than we can blink
the thin and fragile membrane
that contains and shapes our world
disintegrates and contracts
leaving, for an instant of an instant
the distorted shape of how we saw ourselves
suspended in mid air
until now
until hope and reason crash to the ground
at our feet

the tumor is malignant
the plane hit the building
the Dow dropped 2000 points
the truck ran the red light
the HMMWV disappears in a flash

the pregnancy test is positive…

and now my hand is empty and my feet are wet…
I should be sad…
but seeing a picture of my world stopped there
halfway between what was and what will be
there is a beauty that was always invisible
until now

sometimes things move too fast to see or
maybe we move too fast to see things

thank you, for stopping things.



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