Slowing Down

I have been way too busy for quite some time. Life seems to rush past and I have decided that I am going to slow down. What is the point of a goal if we can’t enjoy the process in getting there? I have spent considerable time contemplating this question and thinking about how to regain a more balanced life. It is my belief that finding your own unique balance in life is the key to happiness. So what did I discover?

I tend to approach problems or questions in a very systematic and methodical way so here is how I have attacked things so far……

  • I began recording the hours I spend each day on various activities
  • I eliminated activities that don’t rate high in the ‘Quality of Life’ scale
  • I charted a pie graph that shows  how my time is divided

OK, I know, big nerd stuff. But it is working! Just by recording my activities I was able to have a much better idea of what I could realistically complete in a given time frame. After one week I was finding myself feeling much calmer and prepared for my life activities. It has given me the information to be able to truly choose where I spend my time.

In response to this new found knowledge I have made some difficult decisions. I have decided to take longer to complete my 500 hour yoga training and push my time at BSU out one more semester. I have also decided to eliminate several projects off my list for 2011.

One of the projects was going to be to organize a monthly “Idaho Yoga Teachers Unite” meet-up group.  The plan was to have different yoga studios in and around Boise host free meetings where yoga teachers could get together and share ideas and ask each other for advice. I feel passionately that this is something that is greatly needed and there are several studio owners that have already said that they would be willing to host a meeting. It may even make for a good 500 hr project (hint, hint)? Are there any other yoga teachers out there that are interested in taking this idea and making it happen? My hope is that the Boise yoga teachers could become a closer community, with a free flow of ideas and friendly support. I want to see this happen, but I know I can’t be the main or only organizer. Let me know what you think?

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  1. I like your approach to deciding on “Quality of Life.” There are things I wish I could eliminate but due to my job I cannot. I am reevaluating what my professional goals are and what is important to me. Then I will decide what my next step is.
    Good plan!

    • Kim,
      I have faith that you will find your path.

  2. You have inspired me, and for that I am deeply grateful. Thank you. You are absolutely correct, what IS the point of a goal if we cannot enjoy the process of getting there? What is the point of a life if I am too busy with too many good, valid, needed “causes” to live and take care of our own family? I know now what I need to do. My own unique balance in life is waiting for me to find it. And…your so called “nerdy” approach is my path to finding what is right for me.

    You know how they say everyone comes into your life for a reason? Well, I now understand why you wandered into mine. Take care of life dear friend. Love ya.

    • Val,
      I am speechless and overwhelmed by your comments. My heart goes out to you in your journey toward contented happiness.

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