My brain has taken a backstage to my body the last 18 hours. Monday morning began with a nourishing breakfast, 2 1/2 hours of asana, another nourishing meal, 1 long soak in the hot springs by the Pacific, 1 1/2 hours of asana practice, 1 hour of ecstatic dance, a huge nourishing meal, another soak and 10 hours of sleep….Tuesday so far is the same…..where am I yogi heaven?


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Esalen is Connected

I didn’t think I would have the ability to blog while at Esalen…..but it looks like everyone is connected now. No cellphone access, but free internet! I have a few extra minutes….since I last talked with you a ton has happened:

  • Accidentally shorted the taxi driver! I ment to give him a tip, but instead shorted him $1.50!
  • Monterey felt so cold I had to go by boots. Can you believe it I leave snow and single digit temperatures to come to sunny California and freeze my backside off. The sun is shining bright, but the sea breezes just zap the heat away.
  • Two homeless gentleman recited eloquent poetry for me after I gave them my quarters. They almost brought me to tears they were so charming. If I see them in the same spot next weekend I plan to try to write down their poems to share.
  • Hwy 1 made me so car sick, but the beauty and the final destination made it worth it.

Here I am at Esalen in front of a computer. I know, I know…get into the hot springs, eat yummy homemade food and take a yoga class. Already have! I have been here about 12 hours and have already done all of the above things plus danced into the night, slept like a baby and journaled a ton. I will post again soon. Nameste.

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Life with Gusto

I thought I wouldn’t have a chance to post until my return, but here I am. Once on the road it is so hard not to want to share all the great things I am seeing and tell you about all the amazing people I am meeting.

I think everyone should try traveling by themselves at least once. I love it! I always make so many new friends. I have some great stories and pictures, but they will have to wait till my return…..I forgot my cord to download pictures with 😦

I couldn’t get to sleep last night so I wrote up a short playlist in honor of my new mucisian/singer friend. Ingrid, have a safe and merry trip home!

Eselan Playlist:

  1. Try by Janis Joplin
  2. Anika by B-Tribe Feat Luna
  3. Mbira Kosamdela by Shaman’s Dream
  4. Alone by Anna and The Dum Dum Project
  5. Hanuman Baba (Dub Farm Re-mix) by Krishna Das
  6. Ne Me Jugez Pas (Volodia Remix) by Sawt el Atlas
  7. In Love with Life by Shaman’s Dream
  8. I’m Sticking with You by The Velvet Underground
  9. The Only Living Boy in New York by Simon & Garfunkel
  10. Laulutytto by Varttina
  11. Danca de Solidao by Beth Carvalho
  12. Warm Fuzzy by Alcyone

Yes it is an eclectic mix; techno, kirtan, middle eastern, new age, 60’s folk, Portugese and more. The world is a beautiful treasure trove of culture.

I will be listening to these songs during the next week…maybe if you listen to them too we will have some of the same experiences!

Best Wishes for the next week, Nameste

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Esalan here I Come!

Tomorrow I leave for a yoga training intensive. I will be taking a break from my computer for a whole week! I promise to return with tons of pictures to post. Below I have included information about the training. Talk with you in a week.

Urban Yogi: Contemporary Teacher Training in Mind-Body Yoga

Hala KhouriJulian Walker

“Bringing together asana, energetics, anatomy, and somatic psychology, Hala Khouri and Julian Walker place modern yoga in a truly East-meets-West context. During this weeklong intensive for yoga teachers, bodyworkers, helping professionals, and interested students, you will explore yoga as both an ancient shamanic ritual practice and as a contemporary mind-body process. This engaging and multi-faceted workshop incorporates transformational flow, deep stretch, ecstatic dance, as well as group process and practical healing and teaching tools.

Yoga teachers find themselves in a unique role as contemporary spiritual guides. Hala and Julian use their experience creating and facilitating support groups for yoga teachers to address common roadblocks and misconceptions about what it means to be a teacher today. Their post-New-Age philosophy challenges some current beliefs about spirituality and invites you to think critically about what spiritual and psychological growth means.”

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World Bike Relief ~ Black Friday Yoga

You know you will be stuffed from Turkey Day and need the yoga. Do something good for yourself as well as for the world. I am pleased to announce The World Bicycle Relief, Boise Yoga fundraiser. “Certified Iyengar yoga instructor Don Gura will conduct a yoga class at the Boise Yoga Center with all the proceeds going to the World Bicycle Relief, a non-profit that has distributed more than 71,000 bicycles to date primarily in Indonesia and Zambia. Right now World Bicycle Relief is working to provide 50,000 bikes to 5,000 schools across Zambia through BEEP—Bicycles for Educational Empowerment Program. There will be a raffle for Manduka yoga props, t-shirts and more special gifts from the community.”

Friday, Nov. 26th
10:00 -11:30 am
Boise Yoga Center
3113 Rose Hill
Boise Idaho 83705

Presented by Iyengar certified yoga instructor, Don Gura and the Boise Yoga Center

Can’t attend but would still like to contribute? Online donations can be made at:;

ALL the info you can possibly want on World Bicycle Relief:;

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Don: 208.344.4105

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Trip and Trade

Many of you know about my dream to travel the country teaching free yoga classes to people who would not normally get exposed to yoga. Well my friend, Lori Dicaire, told me about this gal who is doing her own ‘yoga road trip’. She is blogging along the way and I thought some of you would find it fun to follow her adventures.

About the ‘Trip and the Trade’

“This is a journey about connections, friendship, new experience, community service, and yoga. This idea quite appropriately came about during a yoga class. While I was supposed to be watching my thoughts pass like clouds through the sky of my mind, I was instead thinking hard…thinking about the road trip I was planning. I intended to drive through multiple cities visiting friends and family along the way. As I thought about this trip an idea began surfacing in stages. It went something like this: Oh no! How am I going to practice yoga while I’m gone??… Hmmm, I bet there are studios in most of these places …oooh, that’d be fun! Trying out new studios! … and then I began to wonder about how I could integrate my yoga with community involvement. I love connecting with people and places. I kept thinking and by the end of the class decided that I would attempt to forge relationships with at least one studio in each location where I stayed, a relationship based on passion for yoga and interest in their community. That’s it! I would ask them if they would be willing to trade me one yoga class in exchange for a couple hours of my time giving back to their community, and THAT is exactly what I’m doing.” (excerpt from T&T blog)

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Finding your Mantra

What, how can a mantra get lost?

Well, maybe you haven’t discovered yours yet or just don’t see the good of having one.  I personally have found mantras to be very powerful. They can instill comfort, provide distraction or inspire positivity. Imagine how emotionally powerful words have been in your life…..maybe a good book has brought you to tears or a compliment made you blush. By using mantras we draw on this same power.

What is a mantra?

There are many definitions of what a mantra is and how it works. If you would like to learn more about the many definitions of mantras you might find to be a helpful website. For our purposes a mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are meaningful, comforting and/or transformative to the user.

How can mantras be helpful?

  • Words are powerful, have meaning and can help us remember feelings or experiences.
  • Some sounds and their vibrations can provide comfort during times of distress.

You might formulate your mantra from your religious heritage, your cultural background, family or anything with personal meaning. Some mantras are created to counteract negative thoughts.  Most important is that it is meaningful to you.

What are some examples of mantras?

  • “Moderation in all things, including moderation.”
  • I am filled with Energy,  Enthusiasm, and Empathy.
  • I trust in the process of life.
  • This too is temporary.
  • Om Mani Padma Hum

You might also consider using mantras or positive affirmations during your asana practice.

  • Standing Backward Bend – “I am open and free!”
  • Cobra Pose – “I rise joyfully to greet each new opportunity.”
  • Tree Pose – “I am strong. I am poised.”

What are some words or sounds that have meaning to you? Have you ever used mantras? How have they worked for you? What are your favorite mantras and why?

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Power of the Positive

Some fellow yogis and I have been reading The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, PhD. It is a powerful book with a great message. If you decide to dive in be prepared for some dense science sections, but it is well worth the work.

To get a preview of what Bruce is about you can check out the you tube clip below:

Thank you to Bill Dial for uncovering the clip for us 🙂

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I Feel Loved!

My alarm went off this morning and as usual I hit snooze. An hour latter Stu popped his head into the bedroom and asked cheerfully why I was still in bed? I had turned the alarm off instead of hitting snooze! I am sure you can all relate to this mishap. I spent the next 30 minutes wandering around still intoxicated with sleep and trying to get dressed.

I am happy to say I finally woke up and logged in to check my email. WOW, I have never received so many birthday messages. At first I thought I had gotten spammed! I read each and every one. My heart grew all warm and fuzzy 🙂 Thank you so much to all my friends and family. You have all made me feel very loved.


Tree in a Tree taken by Katherine Jones


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New Studio & Free Yoga

Sage Yoga & Wellness


Free Classes – Grand Opening Weekend~


10 – 11:30 am All Levels Vinyasa w/Rachel

12 – 1 pm All Levels Vinyasa w/Jodeen


9 – 10 am All Levels Vinyasa w/Eric

12 – 12:45 pm Family Yoga w/Gloria

2 – 3 pm All Levels Vinyasa w/Marisa

“Located in the heart of downtown Boise, Sage Yoga & Wellness is Boise’s yoga studio to calm your mind, energize your body and reconnect to your inner wisdom. Whether you are a beginning student establishing a footing or an experienced student with a deeper practice, Sage Yoga & Wellness in Boise would love to help support and inspire your yoga journey.”

Click here to view the class schedule, beginning November 15th


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