Emotional Yoga Graduates!

Yesterday was the last class for our first NAMI-Yoga program, a seven week Emotional Yoga workshop series. The program has been a dream of mine for years. I am so excited to say that the first series went wonderfully. We had a great time and learned a ton. The next series will be even better!

I could not have seen this dream come to fruition without a huge support team and I want to thank everyone involved. In particular I want to recognize:

  • Ann Kirkwood – for introducing me to NAMI in the first place.
  • Paula Campbell – for being inspired by the  idea and mentoring the process.
  • Debbie Murphy – for teaching me the power of yoga and always providing rock solid support.
  • Hala Khouri – for inspiring me with her work in yoga, psychology & activism. No matter how busy her schedule, she was always willing to provide advice and direction.
  • Ann and Cynthia – for being the women behind the NAMI machine. They are the ones who always made sure we had what we needed for each workshop.
  • Stu Bryson – my husband, who put up with my obsessively single focused mind for the last year!
  • Jennifer Schlechte – my right hand yogi and partner in crime. Jen donated more than 50 hours of her time to teaching, compiling music and anything else I needed help with. She has been the best partner I could have asked for and I am so excited to have the privilege to continue to work with her.
  • Dan, Joel, Rea, Julia, Yang and (not pictured) Lorraine and Val – the 2010 graduates, for being open minded, supportive, giving and committed. You all made this possible. Best Wishes.

Emotional Yoga Graduates 2010

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