Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Simplified Progressive Muscle Relaxation

1.    Breathe comfortably throughout the Progressive Muscle Relaxation exercise.

2.    Lying on the floor or sitting comfortably, begin by closing your eyes and listening to your breath.

3.    One by one we will be flexing and then relaxing different muscle groups.

4.    Start with your hands and feet, flex and release.

5.    Flex your lower arms and lower legs, then release.

6.    Flex your upper arms and upper legs, then release.

7.    Scrunch up your face muscles and then release.

8.    Tighten all the muscles in your bottom and torso, then release.

9.    Lastly, flex all your muscles at once, hold for a couple of seconds.

10.  Release and relax your whole body. Listen quietly to your body and feel where your body is being supported.   Feel supported and relaxed.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Are you tapping into some of your new skills?

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