Bring Me My Walker!

I finally went to doctor, after three months, and discovered that I have been walking around and doing advance yoga poses with an ‘improperly rotated spinal disc’ and ‘a twisted pelvis’. It caused nerves to be pinched and muscles to be inflamed… wonder I have been in pain!  And no it wasn’t yoga that injured me. I was being stupid and doing round-offs and flips in wet grass back in June and slipped during a landing. I figured I had a musculature injury not a structural injury….so I got bodywork done and tried hard to let the muscles recover.  After some major bone cracking yesterday I am hoping I will finally be back on the mend.

Maybe these repeated back problems have a meaning…..slow down, stay mindful and have empathy for Russ!

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  1. I experienced a similar issue. I injured my rotator cuff ( was not honoring my body). I kept working on it, it got worse…..might have to have injections.. the lesson I learned was slowww down, be mindfull, listen to my body.
    I appreciate your posts they are all so timely to my personal journey!

    • Julia & Deb,
      I am so thankful for your comments. It is so strange how it can be so hard to remember to practice what one teaches everyday. It is like the carpenter’s house that is permanently unfinished.

  2. Yes….we that teach this very lesson ALL the time need to listen to ourselves (not preaching, I have also done this to myself before). Slow down, be still & LISTEN! Hey Angela, I was there when you were doing that cartwheel in wet grass. Your body knew it at the time I think by the look on your face. Good luck in recup…..and though it’s hard to take, sometimes our most difficult times are our greatest teachers (again, not preaching, I know you know this).

  3. The irony of it all is that if it was not for the back injury I never would have discovered Yoga. I started out looking for a way to deal with chronic pain and found a whole new world. Years of Physical Therapy and pills just made it worse and drained my bank account. Now I have found true health care and have made it my mission to share it with whoever is ready to listen. Thank you Angela for all you do and I wish you a full recovery.

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