Yummy to the Tummy

This year I didn’t plan on making use of any of the fruit we get from our backyard. We figured we could easily get friends to come pick it all. Well, guess what, almost everyone is too busy to bother with harvesting and processing. A bunch of fruit went to the birds and squirrels and our friend Ashley (who never turns away from hard work or free organic produce). I am still standing and staring at big bowls of apples, plums and grapes. They are covering our tables and counters.

I was torn….go to a yoga workshop or slave over fruit? I decided to ‘work the fruit’! At first I was grumpy about not being with my friends at the Yoga Tree. I thought I should just put all this fruit out along the road with a FREE sign, grab my yoga mat and go. Then it occurred to me….where is my gratitude? I am lucky enough to have beautiful yummy fruit from my own land. It is organic, flavorful and healthy. By doing this work right now I will be paying into a ‘health bank’ that we can draw from all winter. What a great opportunity.

If any of the rest of you are experiencing a similar fruit overload, I have a fun tip for processing apples. Invest in this great device, it is fun to use and really works. I got mine for $2.50 at a garage sale, but not that I have used one I would easily pay $20-$30. It can also be used for slicing or peeling any firm produce. Especially great for potatoes…homemade curly fries!

Apple Peeler Corer Slicer

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