Belly Breathing

Belly Breathing – Diaphragmatic Breathing

First of all what is the diaphragm? The diaphragm is a large muscle that runs horizontally across the base of the ribcage. Through contraction and relaxation the diaphragm controls our lungs, either allowing air in or pushing air out. Just like other muscles, by working them in intentional ways they grow stronger. As we become more used to engaging and working our diaphragm we can increase the quality of our breath. Increasing the strength and stamina of the diaphragm is the first step to not only increasing breath quality, but also to easing our introduction to other breathing exercises. The following steps will guide you through a simple diaphragmatic breathing exercise.

Simple Diaphragmatic breathing technique:

Breathing exercises can be practiced lying down, sitting in a chair or seated on the floor. The important part is that you are comfortable and able to maintain good posture.

1.     Place one hand on your upper chest and the other just below your rib cage. This will allow you to feel your diaphragm move as you breathe.

2.     Keep your shoulders, head and neck relaxed.

3.     Breathe in slowly through your nose so that your stomach moves out against your hand.

4.     As you exhale let your stomach muscles fall inward and upward.

5.     Repeat for three breaths then return to your accustomed breathing for several cycles of breath. When you are ready draw your attention again to your hands and your breath.

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