Gut Instinct

Whatever satisfies the soul is truth. ~Walt Whitman

I knew I liked this quote the moment I read it. I was not immediately sure why. I have been allowing it to roll around in my head….then it dawned on me that the answer wasn’t in my head. The answer was in my body.

When faced with a dilemma it is so easy to go straight to analyzing and thinking. We have lost touch with our ‘gut instinct‘. How does our body react to the question or dilemma?  Does the thought of one action bring a sense of calmness and another make you feel more anxious. Oftentimes the best solution to a problem is the one that feels right. Somewhere in our past we began to be taught not to trust our bodies and believe that the only answers came from our minds. Our bodies hold so many answers and memories. By relearning the wisdom of our bodies we can find our truth.

This goes right to the root of most stress reducing techniques. They are designed to quiet our minds and reconnect us with our bodies and our breath. As we begin to explore stress reduction more deeply look for this connection. Are their techniques that help you to connect to your body? How does it impact you? Does this reconnect with your body help you in any noticeable way?

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  1. I agree that relaxing our bodies can get us back “in touch,” however, in my experience, the memory of my body isn’t always the best and can actually prevent me from moving forward or pausing depending the the memory that is triggered.

    I consider the breath and relaxation as giving me greater access to my heart wisdom.

    Just sayin’ 🙂

    • Great point. Sometimes the memories held within our bodies are traumatic. This memory of trauma may lead us further away from the truth of the current moment and closer to the truth of the trauma.
      I believe yoga helps us to process these past traumas in a way that will allows us to let go of the trauma, but hold onto some of the wisdom gained through that experience.
      Thank you so much for sharing.

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