All the Wonders

I have been reading Awakening Loving-Kindness by Pema Chodron. The following excerpt resonated with my current life experience.

“Joy has to do with seeing how big, how completely unobstructed, and how precious things are…. We can get so caught up in our own personal pain or worries that we don’t notice that the wind has come up, or that someone has put flowers on the dinning room table…. Resentment, bitterness, and holding a grudge prevent us from seeing and hearing and tasting and delighting.”

I believe all the above is true, but have to add that within all the worries that keep us from experiencing the joy and beauty right before us is fear. Fear that we won’t be enough, do the right things or be recognized and heard. Acknowledging the fear and then working to not own it or identify with it can allows us greater freedom to connect to the moment. And with the experience of the moment the joy, beauty and all the wonders of the world will materialize before us. Like a fuzzy image becoming clear.

Mantra: Today I open my eyes to the beauty and joy in  the world.

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  1. Thank you for the “All the Wonders” post. I really needed to hear that. I have really “turned up the volume” in my life so to speak. I like being busy,I like new challenges, but I have found myself completely absorbed in the results of my actions. I have forgotten to just sit back and enjoy the song.

    • Kim,
      I can really relate to feeling so busy that I forget to notice ‘all the wonders’ in life. I have been working hard to reduce my workload so that I can stay connected to the moment. For me, saying no to oppurtunities is the hardest thing to do. But I have found that by reducing the number of commitments that I take on the ones I still have become so much more enjoyable. Life becomes more fun and less work…literally.
      I am so glad that the post ‘spoke’ to you. I hope you are well and happy. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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