Wisdom from the kiddies….

A little more wisdom from the kiddie book I spoke about in yesterday’s post.

“Here’s where you’re probably thinking that it must have been a snap to follow Striker up the tree. Maybe you think, All she had to do was follow in his footsteps. But that’s not the way climbing works. A certain path may be right for one person, but that doesn’t mean it works for everyone. Skinny, speedy termite muscles can’t do the same things as bigger, bulkier logger-kid muscles. You can’t count on the person above to find the best path for you. That’s a fact of life, whether you’re climbing a tree or trying any other new hard thing.

Repeat this ten times: You have to find your own way up.

If you run out of breath, nobody can breathe for you. I was on my own. It was just me and my own arms and legs and stomach muscles. The only thing that the person who went first can do is what Striker did for me. He kept encouraging me. ‘Piece of cake, Termite. You’re doing great. Keep going.'”

Home, and Other Big, Fat Lies ~ Jill Wolfson


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