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Stu and I are traveling to his home town and latter to see friends I haven’t seen in 18 years.  After only leaving two days ago I have already begun to appreciate more the home we have made together.  No matter how many times we learn this lesson, it always takes being away from what we have to really appreciate it. Yes, you guessed it, I already miss my doggies and kitties and my yoga class. We board the ferry today and head north to Alaska.  I know soon I will get drawn into the scenery and trust that everyone will be wagging their tails upon our return.

In the car we listened to a book on CD, Eckhart Tolle’s The New Earth. Lots of great stuff, I will have to listen to it multiple times and meditate on it.  Eckhart and a friend were hiking in California when they came across a sign that read, “Caution all structures are unstable”.  How zen of the US Forest Service 😉 About five minutes later a large semi went rolling past us….written in the dirt on the back of the truck was the following appropriate text, “You are not your past”. How great is that? Keep your eyes peeled for signs out in the world that are poetic or have philosophic appeal. I would love to hear about them or even better see a picture.


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  1. Wow! One profound sutra after another! It seems you’re headed down the… right path! : )

    • My dear Ash! So flattered to have you visit my site. I have been using ‘live-while-living’ as a tag for some of my posts. You are a regular inspiration for me. Keep radiating your smile.

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