Life sometimes rushes past so fast that my memories look like the blurry picture taken from a moving car.  In an attempt to slow things down I will start to make lists of things to do in order to reestablish some sense of control.  This can be a dangerous habit.  If I am not careful in the process I will add even more to my list then is really necessary.  So with all of you as my witness, I am pledging to complete my current goals before adding new one’s.  I also pledge to be honest with myself about what really is important and what can be left as is.  Life is too short to be in a hurry 😉

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  1. I am a little older now. and yes life is going by faster than ever. but. really, there aren’t many things that I feel I really have to accomplish. I guess my 500 hours for my yoga cetificate, and really get accomplished in my flute playing. but, I have had an amazing and very exciting life. I am settling in getting closer to God. And in the books I have had to read because of my yoga school . well I am on the right track. Nameste. I still keep a diary.

    • Didn’t know you were musical. Would love it if you brought your flute to studio and played it for us. Any chance that will happen? And I will find it hard to believe if you say you are shy!

  2. Lynda,
    I would have guessed you were “on the right track”. It is easy to see from your glowing enthusiasm to your sincere authenticity. It is always a joy to share yoga with you!

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