Cultivation of the Positive

Focusing on the problem often seems the natural first step to solving a problem.  Can you remember ever approaching a problem from the other direction?  What about analyzing the situation by identifying the positive and then working to cultivate that?  For example this strategy can be seen in caring for a flower bed or garden.  One way to fight weeds is to pull them up….of course that works quite well and is highly recommended, but in addition to that it is good to take steps to encourage the health of desirable plants.  Once the veggies and flowers are strong and healthy then you won’t have to pull as many weeds.

So how could this relate to life?  ‘Cultivation of the Positive’ could easily be the single most powerful catalyst for making change happen.  By drawing attention to the positive in our lives we not only increase the possibility for more positive experiences, but we begin to starve the negative.  As you shift your time and efforts to the things in life that bring you the most enjoyment and satisfaction less time and effort will be left for the stuff that doesn’t really matter.

This is where it becomes more apparent how important it is to know what really makes you happy.  Once you have identified what makes you happy you have the information needed to tackle life’s dilemmas in a deliberate and systematic way. Goals will seem less mysterious and insurmountable.  Your balance scale will begin to tip toward the positive.

Never forget that your life is your adventure.


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