Healthy Relationships?

Setting boundaries can be so hard. We have spent some time talking about being nice, good and gentle.  But what about the times when ‘not being nice’ is more appropriate.  It can be so much harder to recognize when a relationship is unhealthy and distance from a person is needed for self preservation or protection of other relationships. I am lucky enough to not find myself currently in this situation, but of course life has been full of such difficult decisions.

If you find yourself in a relationship with someone who does not respect your decisions toward self care or encourages/influences you to be or do things you are not proud of……THEN IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON!  This can sound harsh. I am not suggesting that you not try to talk with the person and ask for what you need, but if they do not respond in a way that satisfies you then it is time to stand up for yourself and move on.  This takes bravery and self confidence.  Having the freedom to make these difficult decisions in life takes some groundwork.

One must become very familiar with who they are and what they believe.  Get to know yourself in a way that allows you to stand firm when someone questions you.  I don’t mean to become closed to outside ideas, but instead to be willing to present yourself authentically and to speak your mind.  People will respect you for it and slowly you will discover a sense of freedom and security that can always be returned to whenever you need strength.

Being authentically yourself in every breath will cultivate a world in which you will thrive.  What and who you need will draw nearer and those that do not resonate with your chosen path will drift away.  I will spend some time in the future discussing specific techniques for strengthening relationships and asking for what you need. As with everything in life the answers are never just yes or no, but instead somewhere in the middle. Learn the skills needed to be yourself while still treating each interaction with delicacy and grace.

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  1. Even in my mid-forties, having cultivated a sense of confidence and self-assurance, I still find myself faced with tough choices when it comes to removing toxic people from my life… or preventing them from entering my life in the first place. This is a great reminder to remain authentic and powerful. =D

    • Thank you so much for reminding us that setting boundaries is something we have to do throughout life, not just once or twice. More like a maintenance plan 😉

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