‘Communications Center’

“When you are doing yoga, you are serving the relationship of your body, your mind, and your emotions, all at the same time. In relating to your emotions, you first give them your attention.  Then you move closer to them by participating or interacting with them.  You get a dialogue going. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in intimate relationship with them…Your emotions are a communications center.”

Bija Bennett, Emotional Yoga p.41

As you deepen your awareness and connect more closely with your emotions, what are you hearing?  What are your emotions telling you about yourself and your reactions not only to the external world, but also to your mind (your perceived internal world).  Many emotions are triggered not by what is currently happening, but instead to a past trauma that we are reminded of and have yet to heal from. Avoiding repression of unwanted emotions is the first step to deeper awareness and eventually freedom from past traumas.  Instead of ignoring unwanted emotions try examining them.  What information are they presenting to you?  It is OK to ask for help during this evaluation process and is highly recommended.

If your life sometimes feels overwhelmed by unwanted emotions or it feels more like your emotions control you at a whim, then cultivating a new empowering relationship with your emotions will greatly improve your daily experience.  This can be difficult and scary work, but the reward is greater happiness for you and those you share your life with.


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