Feeling Like Myself Again…

I am finally feeling like myself again.  I have been feeling so fuzzy headed and physically awful.  Nothing I did seemed to help. Not journal writing, eating cleaner, pranayama, meditation or even yoga!  OK this is not entirely true, each thing helped some for a little while.  Guess what finally worked?  All of the above actions plus 14 hours of solid sleep!  Sometimes we get so caught up in our activities that we forget the basics.  Our bodies need certain things ritually to stay healthy. I had lost touch with respecting my foundational needs and recognizing how these needs allow me to live life to the fullest.  Without adequate food, water, breath and sleep how could I expect to feel good.

Earlier in the week I had decided to focus on ritual this week in my yoga classes and personal practice.  Obviously my subconscious was guiding me toward this idea….it recognized what I needed before my conscious self recognized it.  Well, here I am after a short detour.  Let us see what we can discover together this week.

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  1. In praise of the pause!

    Well done – great example. Slowing down or stopping all together (heaven forbid) can be such a big test.

  2. Totally off this topic but………
    Today was a huge learning to trust day for me. I keep thinking about all the things going through my mind when you had my hands and were telling me to sit down. It is astonishing how much can flash through your mind in such a short time span! “I’m falling down! I can stop it with my hands! Oh no my hands are not available! Let go of my hands! No… wait… TRUST!” All the feelings – fear, confusion, relief – flow so quickly it is hard to keep track!

    Thank you for an amazing class and for truly turning into a person I care about on another level.

    • Debbie,
      Allowing one’s self to take small risks in a safe space can really help us get practice processing all those scary emotions. We realize that we can truly experience all emotions and still survive . With this new freedom life can be experienced to the fullest. Thank you for opening yourself up physically and emotionally to a deeper practice of yoga. I look forward to our next class together.

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