Good morning everyone.  Many of you have already been up for hours, but for those who know me, I am not a morning yogi.  The fact that I am writing before noon is risky!  Who knows what I might say before being totally awake 😉  I look at my mornings as an opportunity to practice ahimsa toward myself.

I send a challenge out to you all…..Think of the one thing that you most regularly get down on yourself about.  Do you feel judgment coming from within?  The idea is not to repress the feeling, but instead to experience it and then move on.  Increasing the awareness through observation will give you more choices about your feelings. Do you ever ask yourself, ‘why can’t I just _____’?  Well, my challenge to you is to notice how experiencing your emotions and listening to their messages might change your actions.  Share your experiences or thoughts.  What does ahimsa mean to you and how does it effect your daily experience of life?

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